Sunday, December 28, 2014

Upcoming shows!

Ladies and Gentleman! 


1/16/15 - Steampunk Symposium aboard the Queen Mary. www.hrmsteam.com I will be at the event for the duration, when the schedule is updated, I'll update here, but mark the dates and book your passes for the weekend! January 16th -18th.

2/06/15 - Next up is Steamathon in Las Vegas!!! http://www.steamathon.com Febraury 6-8th playing with Baron Von Velveteen and more!

2/20/15 - February 20th is a show in San Diego with the Nathaniel Johnstone band at Queens Bee's. Details will be forthcoming as we are trying to set up shows in San Jose and Los Angeles that weekend for a mini Steampunk invasion!

3/06-08/15 - In March we have Wild Wild West con in Arizona - https://www.wildwestcon.com March 6th-8th. My favorite Steampunk event. Set in a full immersion wild west town replete with steam powered trains, old timey buildings and so much more. The same town the "Three Amigos" was filmed in.

3/21-22/15 -  March - Iron Horse Carnivale. Set at a full immersion steam powered train museum. Actual steam powered trains run on a small loop around the city.

4/11-12/15 - April Calico, Wild West Fest. A full immersion event set at a historic silver mining town! Knotts Berry farm was modeled after this tiny town.

5/00/15 - May - TBD

7/00/15 - July - San Diego Comic Con

8/00/15 - August - Kinetic Carnivale. My other favorite event. A pre-burn, if you will. Super fun and inspiring event with music, fire and art cars!

8/31/15 - That Thing in the Desert (you know)

9/27/15 - Gaslight Gathering, recently moved from a May event. Unconfirmed.

10/00/15 - October - TBD

11/00/15 - November - TBD

12/00/15 - December - TBD

Look for me at San Diego Comic Con, Wild West at Calico, The Iron Horse Carnivale, Gaslight Gathering, Kinetic Carnivale and more to be announced when dates are set! Look forward to seeing you at one or all of these events!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Next show!

Hey Steampunk fellows and Steampunk Ladies! Make sure you come catch me in Northern California for the Kinetic Carnivale August 9th and 10th! http://www.kineticcarnivale.com 
Hand Car Races, Steampunk music, a Grand Ball and of course ol' Poplock! Joining me on Theremin will be DJ WattsOn 3rd clone. New songs, new stage show.

In other news, putting the finishing touches on a collaborative track between myself and Sir Reginald Pikedevant Esquire entitle "My Airship".

Hope to see you soon!

Poplock Holmes

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wild Wild West con 3

Steampunk cons get better every year. More wonderful people come out to play and bring with them wonderfully creative costumes and props. This year the Wild Wild West con put on in Tucson, Arizona was by far the most immersive and jolly good time I have had in years. Mixing what I love most about Sci Fi, historical re-enactment, a working film set and of course great entertainment. The Cog is Dead, Nathaniel Johnstone, Dino Staats, Steam Powered Giraffe and of course, the mad Professor Elemental were all incredible as always. I had the privilege to introduce Professor Elemental perform his set and we had a great conversation about classic hip hop, our influences and the future of Chap Hop. Brian Kessinger is super nice guy and he was always surrounded by lovely models, making his small respite in the courthouse a blessed sanctuary after preparing our stage outside. Speaking of which, we owned the blue wagon stage this year. Joined by a shovel wielding musician by the name of Shoveley McGee, we raised the bar, or lowered it, by including a Shovel turned into slide guitar in to our Chap Hop sets. We debuted the newest track Carousel and did a fun secret show at the Carousel in the park with the riders who were kicked off the Carousel in San Diego for which the song was written... So meta. So now it's 2014 and we are mid stream to a new album, playing a bunch of shows and looking forward to meeting new fans and sharing tales of joy!
 If you haven't been to a Steampunk event, stop what you are doing and find out where the nearest event is, hop on the train and get on it. 

Thank you Joshua Reed for the photo session and thank you Diana Givens for having us at the 3rd annual Wild Wild West con 3.